It may seem like a lifetime ago, but do you remember Fiddler on the Roof back in April 2013?
Well, we have recently found out that we were actually nominated for a NODA Award in the ‘Best Technical’ category for our Fiddler scenery.
NODA are the National Operatic and Dramatic Association, an association which looks after the interests of amateur groups on a national scale.

To get any sort of nomination for a NODA award is an amazing achievement in itself. But considering we were up against EVERY amateur group in the East of England, many of them with budgets way in excess of ours, to get a nomination for our scenery is nothing short of spectacular.
A big thank you goes to everyone involved in the scenery at every stage, this nomination is for you! It is recognition for all the hard work that was put in by all those involved in designing, constructing, decorating and creating such amazing scenery.

We were up against two other local groups in this category for the award, Brentwood Operatic and Leigh Operatic Society.
The winner was announced on Sunday 27th April 2014, and unfortunately we did not win, however I would like to reiterate that a nomination in itself is a major achievement to our small society and we should be exceedingly proud.

Well done, once again, Billericay Operatic Society.


The Kramer Family Best Production of a Musical – Fiddler on-the-Roof

Best Design of a Musical – Fiddler on-the-Roof

Best Actor in a Musical – Wayne Carpenter

Best Actress in a Musical – Gail Carpenter

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical – Matthew Carpenter

Best Performance by an under 18 – Matthew Carpenter

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical – Fiona Whittaker

The Margaret Hutton Youth Group Award – BOS Under 18 Members

Thank you to everyone who made Fiddler on the Roof a sell out success!

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